Welcome to Math!


In putting this class together, I thought about creating an environment that encouraged play, discovery, and making.

We made these MATH-D glasses as a way of initiating students into the classroom. They’re pretty silly, and maybe their primary value was just that they're fun to make. Beyond this, my hope was to suggest that our class might be a site for new ways of seeing. That is, to create a space to explore mathematics on our own terms.

At Oxbow, students come from all over the country to attend the program for only one semester. We ask students to step outside of familiar expectations about how they relate to their faculty, their environment, their classroom material, and one another.

I thought about shaping this curriculum much like the process of developing a rich studio practice. We had an opportunity to define a new plane of interaction within the time and space of our class. In other words, we could be anything: line-lookers, shape testers, art-scientists, puzzle-puzzlers. I hoped the class could be a clubhouse.

Pre-Calc students at Oxbow!

Pre-Calc students at Oxbow!